Regional Strategy Plans and Recommendations

METRIC will provide concrete recommendations for strengthening the role of transport research and innovation at regional level in form of road maps. The ultimate goal of the project is to assist regions in creating a strategy that builds upon existing and potential areas of competitive advantage, avoiding fragmentation and insularity and linking and leveraging the assets in new and different ways. The work will commence with the development of a guide with ready-to-use materials to offer to regional policymakers concepts around building transport innovation regional policy. The target group will be Structural Funds Managing Authorities, policy-makers and regional development professionals.

The methodologies and approach, are described below:

  1. METRIC will elaborate the regional dimension of the Strategic Transport Technology Plan roadmaps and identify which indicators developed in the project are applicable to the monitoring of the STTP technology maps
  2. METRIC will adapt the Smart Specialization Platform (S3P) approach to the transport specific issues through the application of the findings of the activities on the general approaches described in the S3P methodology. The S3P country reports will be used as a basis for the general context of innovation at regional level
  3. METRIC will develop a transport specific S3P strategy. A transport sector specific S3P strategy will be developed following the example of the Digital Agenda Scoreboard, the only sector specific application of Smart Specialization that has been developed until now. transport technology scoreboard will be built using the 10 priority areas of STTP combined the results from WP2-4 which will result to an inclusive platform for roadmapping and benchmarking progress on transport innovation at regional level
  4. METRIC will use the data available in Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS), at regional level, to apply the indicators selected for the Transport Technology Scoreboard. TRIMIS is an information system developed by the JRC in the context of the STTP.
  5. METRIC will also incorporate findings ( where relevant) of the ‘Regions of Knowledge’ initiative. More specifically, METRIC tasks will look into and analyse coordination and support actions that cover mainly the following elements:Analysis, development and implementation of research agendas for regional or cross-border clusters.


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