As a team of highly diverse researchers from various disciplines such as humanities, social sciences, economics and environmental sciences the Institute of Sustainable Development (INE) at ZHAW performs trans-disciplinary projects. The institute provides research, services and education within the ZHAW Department of Logistics, Mobility and Sustainability looking at the system of transport and mobility as a whole. As a part of the school of engineering, INE’s work on mobility and transportation includes technological innovation and new mobility concepts. A variety of research methods is available for the development of concepts, models, strategies and evaluation processes supporting the development of sustainable and smart mobility. The major focus within our research activities on mobility and transportation lies in the interdependency of mobility, economy and society, providing advice for policy and planning:

  • Identification of needs and research for technical solutions: Assistance of market driven innovations for future oriented development in the mobility and transportation sector.
  • Analysis of changing needs of mobility demand: Foresight of major socio-economic development, its requirements and impacts on offer and demand in mobility and transportation facilities.
  • Design planning based strategies of action: Support policy development and implementation with new tools and models for the development of transport scenarios and guidance measures.
  • Regional analysis of transportation system, mobility and accessibility.
  • Regional development and competitiveness of the transportation sector.


Key Personnel

+Dr Merja Hoppe

Dr Merja Hoppe has a PhD in Geography from the Philipps-University Marburg, Germany. At the Institute of Sustainable Development at ZHAW (INE-ZHAW), she is responsible for the research area of sustainable mobility and transportation systems. In this position, she is contributing to FP7-Transport projects (i.e. METPEX, OPTIMISM, RACE2050). In the last years, she has been studying the concurrence of transportation, economic, spatial and demographic development, as well as mobility behaviour. In her previous position as senior economist at Credit Suisse, she has been advising public administrations in the issues mentioned aiming at sustainable mobility.

+Martin Winter

Martin Winter has a diploma in Geography from the University Augsburg, Germany and works as a research assistant at the ZHAW. At the Institute of Sustainable Development at ZHAW (INE-ZHAW), he is working in the research area of sustainable mobility and transportation systems. He focused in the analysis of space and traffic,mobility behaviour and GIS methods.


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