The team from Delft University of Technology comes from OTB Research for the Built Environment which is a department in the Faculty of Architecture and de Built Environment. The department has a strong background in the social sciences and conducts research in the field of housing, urban development and transport.

OTB currently employs ca. 130 staff and distinguishes itself by virtue of its combination of scientific and applied research. Scientific knowledge is translated into solutions to social and policy issues. Conversely, practical studies enable new scientific questions to be formulated and addressed. In addition to this, the department – as part of Delft University of Technology – devotes much of its energies to knowledge transfer in the form of publications, courses, seminars, schooling and training. OTB has substantial experience with international collaborative research projects including EU Framework Programmes and Interreg networks.


Key Personnel

+Rob Konings

Rob Konings is senior researcher. He is an economist with specialization in spatial and transport economics. His core research field is freight transport with a focus on intermodal transport and related topics. In recent years he has extended his field of activities to sustainability issues regarding transport systems, including the analysis and evaluation of innovations in transport systems.

+Dr. Erik Louw

Dr. Erik Louw is a senior researcher. He is a geographer with specialization in economic and transport geography. His focus is on local and regional economic policies in relation to planning policies and location behaviour of firms.

+Dr. Sjoerd Bakker

Dr. Sjoerd Bakker is a researcher at Delft University of Technology. The focus of his research is on the transition towards low carbon mobility and in particular the electrification of the car. He does so from a range of socio-economic perspectives including transition studies and innovation policy. In his PhD thesis ‘Competing Expectations – The case of the hydrogen car’ he investigated the role of technological expectations in the competition between emerging technologies. He holds an MA degree in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society from Twente University.


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