Coventry University Enterprises Ltd (CUE Ltd) was established in 1989 as Coventry University’s (COVUNI) trading arm. Since then has generated a significant portfolio of business support / outreach activity at national, regional and sub-regional level and across national borders. CUE staff is focused on strengthening industrial academic relations and business development activities. Innovation support is one of CUE’s core activities along with Technology Transfer which is mainly run through the Enterprise Europe Network. CUE is part of the network since its establishment. These activities support COVUNI’s eight multidisciplinary Applied Research Centres and 5 sector focused Applied Research Institutes. The Applied Research activities of the University provide academic underpinning to CUE’s outreach support. CUE Ltd has delivered programmes aimed directly at SMEs at regional and sub-regional level in the East Midlands, West Midlands, South East and South West of England under contract to Regional Development Agencies, Local Authorities, National Government Departments / Ministries and the European Commission. At any one time CUE is delivering sixty plus public and private funded programmes. Transport is one of the key research topics for both COVUNI and CUE as a number of initiatives are currently running in the area of Integrated Transport and Logistics as well as Electric Vehicles.


Key Personnel

+Eleni Anoyrkati

Eleni is a Programmes Manager overseeing the portfolio of the EC funded transport projects in CUE. She joined CUE in 2004 and she is specialised in innovation, sustainable development and transport. Eleni has participated in a large number of research projects and proposals in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies, Transport, Intelligent Cars, Energy and Environment. She is currently pursuing a PhD on transport policy and she holds an MBA too. Finally, Eleni has coordinated a number of transport FP7 CSA projects : Supporting Climate Friendly Research-REACT, Optimising Passenger Transport Information to Materialize Insights for Sustainable Mobility-OPTIMISM and Innovative Transport SME Support Action –INTRASME.

+Sunil Maher

Sunil Maher has been working at Coventry University Enterprises Ltd (CUE LTD) since 2003. Sunil started working in the Telecommunications Industry where he was responsible for delivery of global support launch plans for optical edge network products. Since joining CUE Ltd Sunil has gained experience of project management and delivery of a range of EC funded projects with particular emphasis on SME business support, best practice, quality assurance, training development and knowledge transfer. Sunil has successfully worked on business development activities and has participated in bid writing for regional, national and European funding programmes.

+David Morris

David Morris is currently Professor of Business Development at Coventry University. In 1990 Professor Morris became the Founding Dean of Coventry Business School, a post he held until 2005 before becoming Director of Higher Education Development at Coventry University. During that time he worked with Cable and Wireless to develop the pioneering Cable and Wireless Virtual Academy which delivers online postgraduate management programmes to the present and future leaders of the telecommunications industry worldwide, especially in developing countries. He was also Director of the EU project to found a postgraduate business school in Samarkand, Uzbekistan which is now a successful flagship department of a major university. Professor Morris also founded the Motor Industry Observatory which undertakes independent strategic analysis of the automotive industry worldwide. The MIO has been consulted by many major industry players and provides informed comment to the media. He has appeared frequently on television giving expert opinion on global auto industry developments.


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