Map the regional transport research and innovation activities

Mapping of R&D programmes, policies, projects, innovation schemes, as well as analysis of innovation milieu and innovation financing will provide information about actors of transport-oriented innovations in European regions.These results will present data in ways that are in line with clusters main functions. In other words, information on common pool of resources or transfer of knowledge opportunities are expected to be provided in the deliverables of WP2 and appropriate repository.WP2 will collect information on past and present transport research and innovation schemes, initiatives, programmes, policies, projects, etc.
Our repository and WP2 deliverables will contain data on transnational and interregional transport R&D cooperation. These data are expected to enable calculation of measures for the level of transnational and interregional R&D collaboration, number of joint calls launched, budgets devoted to these calls, whether national and regional R&D programmes and innovation schemes are opened-up to R&D organizations from other EU Member states and associated countries, relevant comparisons, etc.

The findings will be addressing the following questions:

  • What innovation schemes exist at European and regional level?
  • What (social / economic / environmental) objectives are prioritized in innovation infrastructure in different EU countries?
  • What type of innovation (eg. technological, social) is the focus of transport sector, and how does this vary across European regions?
  • How are priorities and innovation criteria identified?
  • To what extent is innovation transport research across Europe coordinated (i.e. where are synergies, overlaps and gaps)?
  • What procedures exist to ensure the quality and utility of innovations, how might these be benchmarked, and what examples of ‘best innovation practice’ exist?


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