Brief description

METRIC maps the regional transport innovation capacity and identifies the competitive advantage of identified regions. Based on their strengths, guidelines for the preparation of regional innovation roadmaps (strategy plans) will be developed. METRIC also explores the regional innovation potential and makes recommendations on how to support weak regions. The project will ultimately contribute to the building of a regional culture of continuous innovation that minimizes innovation risks and maximizes its returns. METRIC bases its operating principles in three main blocks of activities: i) Mapping of the transport research and innovation activities, ii) exploring the performance of the regional innovation frameworks and iii) analysing the main principles and typology for regional innovation. The project will deliver a set of recommendations on innovative strategies for regions along with a set of innovation roadmaps based on best practices. The Smart Specialization Platform (S3P) approach will be used for the roadmaps though a transport sector specific S3P strategy will also be also put forward. This will be the basis for Structural Fund investments in R&I contributing to the development of the Cohesion Policy.

The METRIC partners combine and utilise multidisciplinary skills, expertise, and on-going work in the field of transport innovation, policy development, regional support and roadmap development.



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